Waking Up With A Foot In My Face

April 19, 2017

Should I Have Just Given Up

Every night I lay down with my son until he falls asleep, and then I go into my daughter’s room and lay down with her until she falls asleep. Some nights I fall asleep as well and wake up wondering where I am and why is there a foot in my face.

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, I laid down with my daughter Logan, not expecting to fall asleep but the next thing I knew it was 2am.  I walked into my bedroom and fell back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and realized that I had skipped a day of meditation practice.  Up to that Sunday I had strung together 45 consecutive days of 10-minutes per day of meditation.

I was frustrated that I didn’t take time earlier in the day on Sunday to meditate and kicked myself for breaking the momentum I had created.

I knew I had two choices;

  • I could start again on that Monday
  • Or, I could sulk about not being consistent, screwing up, backsliding, not following through, etc.. and throw in the towel.

I chose to start the practice again.  As of writing this I have 15 days consecutive of meditation.

I am not writing this message to tell you to meditate, even though it wouldn’t hurt, I am writing this message to say it is okay to fall short of our goals as long as we begin moving again to achieve what we want.

When we let something or someone interrupt our forward progress, do we commit to NOT letting it happen again and take action to ensure we begin again?

Or, do we get stuck in the downward spiral of self-pity, excuses, feeling sorry for ourselves, and not taking responsibility for our actions?

I know I have been guilty of staying in the latter category for far too long on some things in life, but I knew in this particular instance without starting again I would not receive the benefits of a few moments of quiet each hectic day.

Going through this little experience got me thinking that my clients probably also experience this same feeling when they miss a training session or two, or a week or a month or more.

I also know from personal experience if I stay inactive and do not recommit and take action sooner than later it only gets harder and nearly impossible to start back up again. 

Is there a goal that you have quit striving for because you missed the mark, took a day, week, month or year off and think it is too late in the game to get started again? 

It is never too late to start again.  Sometimes the goal isn’t even the thing we need. Sometimes it is the process of reaching the goal that is what we need.

Start as small as you need to so that you get started. 

  • If you have been out of the gym for too long let us know and we can help you get started again.
  • If your nutrition habits are not where you want them to be let us know and we can help you get on a better path. 
  • If you need to set a new goal or re-commit to a goal and need an accountability partner we can help.

Pinnacle is more than just a place to “workout”.  We are here to help you do life better!  If we can help let us know.

Don’t Wait for Things to be Just Right

April 5, 2017

I was at a Leadership Corpus Christi application (talk to me if you are interested in applying) function two weeks ago and was introduced as a personal trainer to one of the applicants.  She immediately told me she that she needed to start doing more “fasted cardio”. 

My first thought was, “why is she telling me this”? 

When introduced to a financial advisor I don’t immediately tell them I need to deposit more money into my Roth IRA, but she and many other people I meet feel the need to immediately tell me these things when they find out what I do for a living. 

My second thought was, “why was she waiting to fast before doing cardio”? I know some of the research about fasted cardio but I was more interested in WHY she wasn’t just getting the cardio done, fasted or not. (This is how my crazy mind works!) 

Why not get the cardio done, regardless of how much she ate or didn’t eat?

Why do we need to wait for things to be “just so” before we start or continue with what we have set out to do?

When we wait for things to be “just right” we usually wait too long and miss the opportunity and we suffer. Sometimes we suffer mentally (anxiety and frustration) and other times we suffer physically (health and quality of life).

Getting started doesn’t need to be a huge leap into the unknown. Getting started can look like:

  • Research
  • A Phone call
  • A Walk
  • Showing up to Your Next Scheduled Training Session
  • Throwing Out the Junk Food in Your Pantry and Refrigerator
  • Pouring the Sodas down the Drain or into the Garbage Can Outside.
  • Packing Your Lunch
  • Prepping a Meal or Two for the Week
  • Scheduling and Sitting down for a Success Session/Assessment
  • Waking up Early
  • Going to Bed on Time
  • Writing out Goals

Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you begin.  Otherwise you may never start!

Committed to Your Success,


Waiting for “That Feeling”

April 3, 2017

Why do we wait for the “feeling”?  It is funny, that the only way we can get that feeling is by doing the work.  The feeling comes through doing the work.

You know that feeling you get after a good tough workout.  There is no other way to get that “feeling” except pushing yourself and going through the workout.

It is the same thing with everything else. We never get that “feeling” unless we have done the work.  Get started despite the feeling!

Do the Work!

Committed to Your Success,


The Long Game

March 29, 2017

When prospective clients come through the doors of Pinnacle they are usually looking for a program or workout that will get them results as quickly as possible.  And as much as we want them to get result as fast as possible we know that true success in health, fitness and strength is built over months and years not days and weeks.  Health, fitness and strength is not built in a week’s worth of workouts or in a week’s worth of “dieting”.  And all of the gains made of training and eating right over a long period of time are not lost on a vacation, missing a workout with a sick child or making a few poor eating choices.  That is life.

True sustainable health, fitness and strength is built in small correct choices over a LONG period of time.

I call this playing the Long Game. The Long Game isn’t sexy at first but over time can become VERY sexy!

Playing the long game is kind of like saving 10% from our paycheck every month.  At first it painful.  We focus on everything we are going to miss out on; how much LESS fun we are going to have, eating lunch at work or going home for lunch, not having our pumpkin spice frapacino latte double espresso but getting a regular coffee at home or work.

If we stick with our 10% plan, over time our brain and our budget will begin to adjust and we won’t think about what we are missing out on and one day we look at our savings account and we now have a large chunk of cash saved.

It is the same with our health, fitness and strength.  The first few workouts and the first few modifications we make to our nutrition may be painful and we might fail more times than you succeed.

So what, over the course of a life time a few discrepancies in our nutrition will not throw us off completely.  I am not saying fail on purpose. I am saying health, fitness and strength are not a quick fix and the more we look for those quick fixes the longer it is going to take us to attain good health, fitness and total body strength.  Our perspective needs to focused on the Long Game.

Like I said last week, I tried to cram 15 years of catching up into one night and I paid for it.  Am I still out drinking 4 beers a night and getting 3.5 hours of sleep?  No, I am back on a schedule that will help me remain healthy, fit and strong.  Is it perfect, no.  Is it sustainable, yes!

I am in this for the Long Game not a short quick fix.

I hope that you are finding sustainable long term success at Pinnacle. If you are not, let’s schedule a time to talk.  Email me and we can set up a time to talk.  My email address is adam@bepinnaclefit.com.


Committed to Your Success,


15 Years In One Night…

March 22, 2017

The Monday before last I drove up to San Antonio to meet up with a group of guys who I have been friends with since I was an undergrad in college.

Two of the guys were my bosses and the other two were students like I was at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi.  My friends were all in San Antonio for a conference.

As soon as I got into town we proceeded to a bar for a beer, appetizers and began catching up before going to a Spurs game.

Thanks to a generosity of a Pinnacle client, we had a great seats and a great time at the game!  Bonus, the Spurs beat the Atlanta Hawks in a close game!

At the game we had a few more beers and hotdogs for dinner.

When the game was over and went back to the Riverwalk.   We went to a bar on the Riverwalk and continued to tell more stories and laugh until it was time to say goodbye.

We left the bar around 11:30pm and said our goodbyes.  One of my buddies, who was also the best man in my wedding had an extra bed in his hotel room and I crashed there.  But, before we went to the hotel my friend wanted to get something to eat so we went to another bar and had a brisket sandwich and water. The water was really good. I wish I could say the same for the sandwich.

I got to bed around 1:30am and woke up at 5am to get some work done and eat breakfast before I got on the road. I needed to make it back to the gym in time for our weekly Team meeting.

I made it back in time but was not much of a contributor.  I am pretty sure I had a nap that afternoon.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I am telling you this to let you know I am not a robot.

  • I don’t usually drink more than one beer or glass of wine in one sitting.  I had 4 beers last Monday.
  • I don’t normally eat bar food and hot dogs but that is what was there to eat, so I ate.  I ate some nachos and tuna at the bar before the game and ate 2 hot dogs at the game.  Don’t forget the brisket sandwich at midnight, ugh!!!
  • Am I still eating bar food and hotdogs today? No, as soon as I got home I went back to my spinach and protein shakes for breakfast and salads with protein for lunch.
  • I don’t normally get 3.5 hours of sleep at night but it may be another 15 years before I get to be with these guys and I didn’t want to miss any of it so I was willing to stay up past my regular bedtime.
  • When life events, like hanging out with GOOD friends come along we can be flexible with our eating, sleeping and drinking routines.  And when we fall off the wagon (clean eating, limited alcohol, and quality sleep) you can get back on it ASAP instead of kicking ourselves for not following “the rules”.

Catching up and laughing with my boys was worth any inconvenience to my schedule, diet, sleep, and alcohol intake.  I don’t think I could do this on a weekly basis but once every 10-15 years is doable!

When rare and fun opportunities present themselves don’t miss out on them because of your strict habits.  Bend your rules a little so that you can enjoy yourself and when the event is over, go back to your disciplined lifestyle.

Committed to Your Success,



January 18, 2016

I know COOPERTITION isn’t really a word but I like what it stands for.  It combines the best of Competition and Cooperation.

Many times we think of these words as separate but when they are combined in a positive environment they can lead to great things.

While I was at my Mastermind meeting in South Carolina we were told by the leaders of the Mastermind group that they were tracking our numbers (business finances, total number of clients, retention, clients lost etc.) and they ranking us based on those results against each other and others within our organization of fitness business owners.


Hearing this little piece of information raised the stakes of our meeting to another level!  We all want the best for each other and COOPERATE to help each other succeed but at the same time there isn’t one of us who wants to be in second place or worst last!  We are all COMPETITIVE and want to win.

When you combine the best of cooperation and competition you get COOPERTION!

I want you to compete against each other in and out of the gym.  Challenge yourself against someone who you think is stronger than you.  Challenge yourself against someone who you know shows up to every workout and busts their butt every time in the gym. Challenge yourself against someone you know is doing their cardio on their days off.  Challenge yourself against someone who is planning their meals weekly to ensure their success.

Knowing all of our clients if you let that person know you were competing against them they would gladly cooperate and let you know what they were doing to succeed.  The fastest way to success is do what other successful people are doing.

Who are you going to challenge?  How are you going to measure your success?  Get started today!

I am the type of person…

January 5, 2015
I am the type of person…
This past weekend I offered a 1-hour Goal Setting workshop to anyone interested in getting 2015 started off with a plan.  Everyone seemed to get some clarity on what they want to accomplish this year and a few strategies on how to go about it.  I had never done goal setting in a group before but it seemed to work really well.
One of strategies we talked about that I think had a profound affect on me as well as some of the participants was the idea of “who do you need to be to accomplish your goal?”
The author of an audio book that I am listening to for the second time now tells a story of being at a funeral of a family friend whose older brother had died and the younger brother was giving the eulogy.  It was common knowledge that the two brothers did not get along and had not spoken in years but still the younger brother was up there giving the eulogy.
The younger brother gave a touching eulogy and didn’t bring up even one negative story about his deceased older brother.  After the funeral the author went over to the brother who had just given the eulogy and asked, “I know you and your brother had not gotten along in years. It must have been tough not to say anything bad about him.”  The younger brother replied by saying, “I am not the kind of person who speaks ill of the dead.”
Because this man sees himself as someone who would never speak ill of the the dead he would not allow himself to say or act in any other way.
How does this story relate goals or new years resolutions?  Well, who do you need to be or not need to be to reach your goals.
Do you need to be the type of person who enjoys vegetables?
Do you need to be the type of person who does not drink soft drinks?
Do you need to be the type of person who gets 8 hours of sleep?
Do you need to be the type of person who enjoys waking up early?
Do you need to be the type of person who hugs their kids more?
Do you need to be the type of person who prepares their meals?
Do you need to be the type of person who saves 10% of their salary each month?
Even if you are not this type of person NOW, you can change and become that person. You are not stagnate!  You can be whoever you need to be to make your goal a reality.
If you don’t know who you need be lets set up a time and talk.
Who do you need be to make your dreams a reality?  Why not try being that person until your dreams come true?
Give a shot and let me know what happens.
I hope 2015 is off to a great start for you.  I look forward to seeing you in the gym soon.
Committed to Your Success,

Back to School Transformation Contest Registration NOW OPEN!!!

September 2, 2014

We’re excited to announce that registration has finally opened for the Back to School Transformation Contest!

We’ve come to the end of summer, and it’s time to return to school. But for everyone at Pinnacle Performance and Fitness, this time of year marks 6 weeks where you can get in the best shape possible.

What we do throughout the year is certainly effective, but this competition has 2 things that will GUARANTEE better results:

Competition and prizes!

It’s a fact that humans are urged to higher levels of performance when they are motivated by competition with others. As social animals, we thrive in a group setting, and our sense of pride doesn’t want to be let down—as well as our sense of accountability to our teammates.

But the second part of the equation is that there are REWARDS for getting results. How much better shape would you and your teams be in if someone paid you all a $1000 to do so?

Well that’s EXACTLY what we’re giving away this year!

You can win:

$1000 for the team with the biggest transformation and $250 will go to one person with the most significant transformation.

I have a goal to get 50 people signed up for this contest. We’re going to have a ton of fun, and it’s going to be the biggest event of the fall.

So sign up today! Get a team together and email Monica at pinnaclecc2006@gmail and register today. 

Registration ends September 9th, and the kickoff party is on September 11th at 6:15pm.

Let’s get in the best shape possible over these next 6 weeks!

Committed to Your Success,


Fight junk food cravings with your eyes closed

March 28, 2014

Here is a great article by one of our clients and future trainers Diane Metz.

Did you know the smell of freshly baked brownies is more potent ­­‒ and physiologically harder to resist ­­‒after a night of tossing and turning?

A good night’s sleep is so critical to successful weight loss

new study published this week found that lack of sleep actually INCREASES your appetite AND makes you more sensitive to food stimuli. So when it feels impossible to say “no” to candy, soda and chips when you’re sleep deprived, it’s NOT just all in your head!

And while it’s true that walking around like a zombie usually means low energy and a decrease in physical activity, researchers said increased calories and poor food choices associated with lack of sleep were the main culprits behind metabolic disturbances — specifically obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Obviously getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as it sounds, or we would all be doing it! The connection between exercise, clean eating and quality zzz’s can’t be overstated.


Unfortunately we can’t cherry-pick components of overall health. Hitting it hard at the gym without enough rest isn’t sustainable. And that extra glass of wine before your head hits the pillow can interfere with REM or deep sleep.


Successful weight loss and overall health is a complete equation, a connection between quality input and quality output. 


The good news is, once you get into a cycle that works, you’ll find your flow! A good night’s sleep —> energy and enthusiasm to exercise —> feeling of accomplishment, motivation to eat healthy —> improved digestive health, sustained energy throughout the day —> restorative, quality sleep.

It take me at least an hour to get ready to doze off. I put away the to-do list and resist the urge to “get just one more thing done.” That way, I have enough time to wind down and not feel cheated out of my quiet time (totally necessary when you’re raising two kids solo). What happens when I try to wedge my wind-down time into just 15 minutes? I end up snacking (and snacking, and snacking) to help me relax, every time.

What tricks or habits have you developed to make sure you get enough zzz’s? Do you consider sleep time as sacred, or is it the first thing you cut back on when you’re busy?

Your 28-Day Challenge

July 30, 2013
I have a challenge for you.  
Beginning August 1st through August 28th lets change ONE habit to help you become a healthier, happier and more fit Pinnacle Performer!  
It is really simple, all you need to do is pick ONE habit/behavior you would like to change and focus all of your energy on either eliminating an unhealthy habit or add just ONE healthy habit.  
Be sure to pick only ONE habit and make sure it has some bite. Don’t choose something that won’t have much impact on your life.  Pick a good ONE and do your best to stick to it! 
This doesn’t need to be something you do for the rest of your life. It could turn into something you do for the rest of your life but for now lets just focus on 28-days beginning August 1st.
Below are a few ideas of what you can add and/or what you can subtract that will give you a healthier life.  Yours habit does not need to be on this list. Create your own.
Some ideas of habits to start for 28-days might be:
  • Eat breakfast with more than 20 grams of protein everyday
  • Make every scheduled workout
  • Do Cardio on the days in between training
  • Eat only organic veggies that are apart of the “dirty dozen
  • Drink a glass of water fist thing in the morning
  • Read for “X” number of minutes
  • Taking your Omega-3 Krill Oil
  • Eating a vegetable with every meal/feeding
  • Eating protein with every meal/feeding
  • Drink a cup of unsweetened green tea 
  • Purchase your groceries at a farmers market
  • Get 8-hours of sleep
Some ideas of habits to stop for 28-days might be:
  • Watching TV
  • Smoking
  • Adding sugar or artificial sweeteners to drinks
  • Drinking soda, diet or otherwise
  • Running around the house with scissors (just seeing if you were still paying attention)
  • Desserts
  • Hanging around negative people
  • Eating anything with high fructose corn syrup
  • Fried food
  • Drinking Alcohol 
I dare you to pick that one habit/behavior that you don’t want choose because you think it is going to be too hard and stick to it for 28-days.  The bigger the risk the bigger the reward!
If you choose to accept the 28- Day Challenge please let me know what you are adding or subtracting. I would like to help you along the way. 
If you think changing one of your habits will impact your body and you want to take measurements before we start and after let me know and we will schedule a time to take measurements (Body composition and tape measurements of arms, hips, and waist).
Lets end the summer what some healthy positive changes!
Make it a great week!
Committed to Your Success,
P.S. Tell me the habit you are changing and I will tell you mine!
P.P.S. If you have a friend or family that would like to do this with us invite them along.  The more the better!