Waking Up With A Foot In My Face

Should I Have Just Given Up

Every night I lay down with my son until he falls asleep, and then I go into my daughter’s room and lay down with her until she falls asleep. Some nights I fall asleep as well and wake up wondering where I am and why is there a foot in my face.

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, I laid down with my daughter Logan, not expecting to fall asleep but the next thing I knew it was 2am.  I walked into my bedroom and fell back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and realized that I had skipped a day of meditation practice.  Up to that Sunday I had strung together 45 consecutive days of 10-minutes per day of meditation.

I was frustrated that I didn’t take time earlier in the day on Sunday to meditate and kicked myself for breaking the momentum I had created.

I knew I had two choices;

  • I could start again on that Monday
  • Or, I could sulk about not being consistent, screwing up, backsliding, not following through, etc.. and throw in the towel.

I chose to start the practice again.  As of writing this I have 15 days consecutive of meditation.

I am not writing this message to tell you to meditate, even though it wouldn’t hurt, I am writing this message to say it is okay to fall short of our goals as long as we begin moving again to achieve what we want.

When we let something or someone interrupt our forward progress, do we commit to NOT letting it happen again and take action to ensure we begin again?

Or, do we get stuck in the downward spiral of self-pity, excuses, feeling sorry for ourselves, and not taking responsibility for our actions?

I know I have been guilty of staying in the latter category for far too long on some things in life, but I knew in this particular instance without starting again I would not receive the benefits of a few moments of quiet each hectic day.

Going through this little experience got me thinking that my clients probably also experience this same feeling when they miss a training session or two, or a week or a month or more.

I also know from personal experience if I stay inactive and do not recommit and take action sooner than later it only gets harder and nearly impossible to start back up again. 

Is there a goal that you have quit striving for because you missed the mark, took a day, week, month or year off and think it is too late in the game to get started again? 

It is never too late to start again.  Sometimes the goal isn’t even the thing we need. Sometimes it is the process of reaching the goal that is what we need.

Start as small as you need to so that you get started. 

  • If you have been out of the gym for too long let us know and we can help you get started again.
  • If your nutrition habits are not where you want them to be let us know and we can help you get on a better path. 
  • If you need to set a new goal or re-commit to a goal and need an accountability partner we can help.

Pinnacle is more than just a place to “workout”.  We are here to help you do life better!  If we can help let us know.

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