The Long Game

When prospective clients come through the doors of Pinnacle they are usually looking for a program or workout that will get them results as quickly as possible.  And as much as we want them to get result as fast as possible we know that true success in health, fitness and strength is built over months and years not days and weeks.  Health, fitness and strength is not built in a week’s worth of workouts or in a week’s worth of “dieting”.  And all of the gains made of training and eating right over a long period of time are not lost on a vacation, missing a workout with a sick child or making a few poor eating choices.  That is life.

True sustainable health, fitness and strength is built in small correct choices over a LONG period of time.

I call this playing the Long Game. The Long Game isn’t sexy at first but over time can become VERY sexy!

Playing the long game is kind of like saving 10% from our paycheck every month.  At first it painful.  We focus on everything we are going to miss out on; how much LESS fun we are going to have, eating lunch at work or going home for lunch, not having our pumpkin spice frapacino latte double espresso but getting a regular coffee at home or work.

If we stick with our 10% plan, over time our brain and our budget will begin to adjust and we won’t think about what we are missing out on and one day we look at our savings account and we now have a large chunk of cash saved.

It is the same with our health, fitness and strength.  The first few workouts and the first few modifications we make to our nutrition may be painful and we might fail more times than you succeed.

So what, over the course of a life time a few discrepancies in our nutrition will not throw us off completely.  I am not saying fail on purpose. I am saying health, fitness and strength are not a quick fix and the more we look for those quick fixes the longer it is going to take us to attain good health, fitness and total body strength.  Our perspective needs to focused on the Long Game.

Like I said last week, I tried to cram 15 years of catching up into one night and I paid for it.  Am I still out drinking 4 beers a night and getting 3.5 hours of sleep?  No, I am back on a schedule that will help me remain healthy, fit and strong.  Is it perfect, no.  Is it sustainable, yes!

I am in this for the Long Game not a short quick fix.

I hope that you are finding sustainable long term success at Pinnacle. If you are not, let’s schedule a time to talk.  Email me and we can set up a time to talk.  My email address is


Committed to Your Success,


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