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6 Month Old Cheeseburger…

May 9, 2011

Mr. Wheeler, a Science teacher at W.B. Ray High School has an ongoing experiment with his Nutrition and Science class.  I thought you might like to read about it.

  6-Month Cheeseburger

The 6-Month Old McDonald’s Cheeseburger

“The attached photo is of a ongoing science experiment that my students performed in Nutrition and Science Class. Funny thing is you will not see any mold, bacteria, or deterioration of any kind. Something to ponder the next time your deciding on where to eat…perhaps a few too many preservatives.”

And millions of people eat this everyday.  Pretty scary!  Think before you eat!


Release the Fat…

August 24, 2010

How does the body release stored body fat?  One of the quickest ways for our bodies to release body fat is train/workout at such an intensity that it sends your body into as state of “fight or flight”.

You know that feeling during your workout when you think to yourself “I don’t think I can do one more” or “I don’t think I will be able to finish this workout” or my favorite “If he tells me “only more 10 seconds” one more time I am going to let him have it!”

At this point in your workout your body is releasing hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol into your blood stream to help with your panicked state.  What also happens is your body taps into it’s storage of fat to use as fuel.  During this time when your heart is raising and you can barely catch your breath you are burning a ton of calories to help your body compensate for the stresses that are being placed on it.

Is this a good thing to do?  Yes, but not all the time.  That is why we have recovery weeks and take days off from training all together.

This next week, when we get back to our workouts and let yourself get to that state of “HOLY CRAP I DON’T THINK I CAN DO ONE MORE REP!” and know that it is helping you move closer to your fitness/fat loss goals.

Please let me know what you think of this post.

Quick Metabolic Workout

May 25, 2010

Below is a quick metabolic workout that you can do just about anywhere with any exercise.  I recommend you do some type of high intensity cardiovascular exercise three days a week on days that you don’t do resistance training.

Research shows that high intensity cardiovascular exercise can continue to burn calories up to 48 to 72 hours after you have finished your workout.  That is significantly different than walking for 3o minutes at an easy slow pace.  You only burn a few calories during your walk and that is all.

You can follow along or add your own favorite exercises if you like.  After finishing your first four minutes rest for a minute and then repeat again. Try to work up to 20 minutes total.

Committed to Your Success,

30/30 Metabolic Circuit

January 15, 2010

Below is today’s  Pinnacle Fitness Boot Camps Metabolic Circuits. I think you will find it convenient to do on the road or at home.

This is a 30/30 circuit.

Mini Squat Jumps

Band Jumping Jacks

Band Rows

Ice Skaters

Sprinting in Place

If you would like to purchase a band like the one you see me using click here to purchase your own band.
They travel well, are durable, and can be used in variety of ways.
Make it a great weekend.

The Starvation Diet…

September 8, 2009

While having lunch with a few friends of mine last week I overheard one of them say, “I need to have a big lunch today because I have to work late.  I won’t get home to eat dinner until 8pm tonight”.   We were eating at 12:30pm. She was not going to eat for another 6.5 hours.  That is a long time to go without food (unless you are sleeping).

Above is a very common rationalization for consuming more food at one sitting as opposed to planning out your meals so you won’t have to overeat and starve yourself everyday.  Below are few of the things that happen to your body when you begin the cycle of binging and then starving.

1. Spiking Blood Sugar.   A rapid rise in blood sugar levels after meals has been shown to affect the ability to concentrate, stay alert, and perform athletically and intellectually.

2. Eating Muscle.  After several hours your body will begin to use muscle i.e. protein for fuel.  Bodybuilders who have to preserve as much muscle as possible will wake up in the middle of the night to have a protein/carbohydrate snack to reduce the chances of their bodies using muscle for fuel.  Not that you are a bodybuilder but muscle helps burn more calories.

3. Slow Metabolism.  Your body’s metabolism will begin to slow down to conserve energy.   As you may know, when you slow down your metabolism you burn fewer calories therefor you store more fat.  This is probably the opposite of what you are trying to acheive.

I tell my clients is to shoot for 4 to 5 healthy feedings a day of fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains (after a workout), lean protein (with fewer legs), and 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water.  Each feeding should have a carbohydrate and a lean portion of protein.

This system will keep your blood sugar under control, preserve muscle tissue, and keep your metabolism burning consistently through out the day.  The water will keep you hydrated and help you feel sated.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Feel free to leave any comments.  I look forward to reading and responding to them.

Yours in Performance,